About Vicki


Cancer is ugly. Cancer is stressful. Cancer is isolating. My name is Vicki Merten and I know firsthand because I’m a 2 time breast cancer warrior. I have recently been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and I am currently thriving. I design, create and produce cancer awareness and cause bracelets that serve as a reminder of support for a loved one who has been diagnosed. When you wear one of my uniquely designed bracelets you are providing a visual affirmation of your support as well as a mental reminder to think about and pray for a specific person or persons who have been afflicted and/or affected. Not only are you affirming your support, you are also filling an emotional void for yourself. That person is not the same person and that is often hard to accept. My passion is awareness jewelry because I know how important a support system and community is when you are going through treatment. It can be very lonely, but when you have others who rally around you it makes life a little more bearable. My bracelets are timelessly crafted of a combination of 100% leather, sterling silver and other alloy metals. I have a variety of styles and price points to choose from. When you purchase one of my bracelets, a portion of the sale of each bracelet is allocated to bless others through random acts of kindness.